Ametsub will play at M!RA Festival in Spain!

10 November 2012

LIVE @ M!RA Festival (Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, Spain)
w/ Actress, Lone, Crisopa, Hyetal, Julien Mier, Eedl, Floex and many more!

raindrops -- snowflakes

15 December 2012

LIVE @ Provo (Hokkaido)
w/Plastic Echo etc

(sync) proun

01 December 2012

LIVE @ gt.moo gallery (Niigata)
w/Taishi Kamiya, Olololop, sofheso and more

ReNT 2012

18 November 2012

LIVE @ Copper Ravens (Oita)
w/Inner Science and djs

otonoha 11th anniversary

17 November 2012

LIVE @ Kieth Flack (Fukuoka)
w/Oracle x little side effect and djs

(4 hours Long DJ set) Re:ception showcase #3

03 November 2012

Ametsub DJ 4 hours long set
@ Solfa (Nakameguro, Tokyo)

ambient, techno, experimental, dubstep, electronic, downbeat... only deepest & coldest set!

w/ Phemic, Unknown, tao, Chris (mnml ssgs) and more

Autumn Solvent 2 Sound of the Future in Ukraine

13 October 2012

LIVE @ M17 (Kiev, Ukraine)
Autumn Solvent 2 Sound of the Future | w/ Daisuke Tanabe

Ametsub - Rufouslow (video)

(from "All is Silence")
Location: Iceland

isolatedmix 31 - Ametsub on astrangelyisolatedplace.

Ametsub for astrangelyisolatedplace Mix #001

Ametsub DJ set in FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'12 !!

27 July 2012

(DJ set) @ Fuji Rock Festival'12 (Naeba, Nigata, JP)

Idle Moments

16 July 2012

LIVE @ metro (Kyoto)

w/ Vladislav Delay (Raster-Noton), Polar M, Madegg, Steven Porter and more

School Of Seven Bells Japan Tour 2012

12 July 2012

LIVE @ O-West (Tokyo) w/ School Of Seven Bells (Ghostly International)

Ametsub - Cloudsfall
(from "All is Silence")

This is Shinjyku tower-reocrd's (Biggest music shop in JP) total-music chart. this chart should be the thing which compiled only outside JP music, but Ametsub is ranking 5. Same as Sigur Ros, My bloody valentine, Scissrr Sisters, Norah Jones etc!

Amazon electronic music (CD) top-chart in Japan
No.4 !

Thank you for your big response for Ametsub "All is Silence" !!

iTunes electronic music top-chart no.2 !

Ametsub "All is Silence" coming out on June!!!
*June 6th (Japan/CD/Digital)
*June 18th (Worldwide/CD)
*July 9th (Worldwide/Digital)

- Tracklist -

  • 01 : Utmost Point
  • 02 : Rufouslow
  • 03 : Blotted Out
  • 04 : Precipice Drive
  • 05 : Lucent
  • 06 : Vestige for Wind Day
  • 07 : Key
  • 08 : Dimmur
  • 09 : Sun Of Madrid
  • 10 : Over 6633
  • 11 : Muffled Blue
  • 12 : Cloudsfall

  • Label: nothings66
    Cat#: N66CD003
    Format: CD/Digital
    JPN Price: 2,310JPY (tax in)
    OutsideJPN Price: check your neighborhood music store.

Rainbow Disco Club !!

03 May 2012

LIVE @ Harumi Kyakusen Terminal (Tokyo)
w/ AtomTM, Jeff Mills, Prins Thomas, Jamie Jone


18 May 2012

DJ @ UNIT (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Gui Boratto etc

Omnivorous II

11 May 2012

DJ @ UNIT (Tokyo, JP)
w/ No,9 orchestra, number0, DJ Funnel etc


31 March 2012

DJ @ UNIT (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Brandt Brauer Frick, Gonno, Side B etc

House of Liquid

24 March 2012

DJ @ LiquidRoom (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Akufen, Yoshinori Sunahara etc

islensk nott

04 February 2012

DJ @ Koenj High + Koenji Amp Cafe (Tokyo, JP)
w/ moshimoss, Morrissy etc

Time Trap vol.02

07 January 2012

DJ @ Vision (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Moritz Von Oswald, O.N.O(Tha Blue Herb), Kensei etc


06 January 2012

DJ @ Loop (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Atsuhiro Ito from Optrum


17 December 2011

DJ @ womb (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Open Reel Ensemble etc

Ametsub live @ L.E.V. Festival 2011
Data: April 29-30th 2011
Venue: Gijon Jardin Botanico (SPAIN)
Especial: L.E.V. 2011

Ametsub live @ PF 10th Anniversary Festival 2011
Date: 26th June 2011
Venue: Liquid Room (Tokyo, JP)

Floating Points Japan Tour 2011

16 December 2011

DJ @ UNIT (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Floatin Points, Kazuma, 5ive, Daisuke Tanabe etc

Plaid scintilli tour 2011

03 December 2011

DJ @ WWW shibuya (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Plaid, Aoki takamasa, coppe' + kensei

Cokiyu - In The Air (Ametsub Remix)

Re-issued and remastered Cokiyu's "Mirror Flake" with Ametsub remix !
17 August on sale!

ICASEA Benefit Compilation for Japan

Benefit compilation for Japan out now on ICASEA ! Ametsub with Autechre, Mogwai, Luke Vibert, Freeform... Over 5 hours of music by more than 70 different artists throughout Japan and the world !

mito "DAWNS" & "mito archive 1999-2010"

Ametsub participated in Mito(from Clammbon)'s new album as additional production! 18th May 2011 out now !

Ametsub will play at L.E.V. Festival (Spain) on 30th April !!!
Apparat, Photek, King Midas Sound, Pantha Du Prince, Johann Johannsson, Harmonic 313, SBTRKT, Jon Hopkins, Darkstar, Lorn Demdike Stare, Ital Tek, Ametsub and more!!

L.E.V. Festival

29 - 30th April 2011

La Ciudad de la Cultura, 33203 Gijon, Spain
Time Schedule and Venue

Ametsub Spain Tour with Crisopa !

these concerts in Spain are organized because of the presentation of MIMAA2011

April 30th (LIVE): L.E.V. Festival, Gijon

LEV Festival. Gijon, Spain

May 1st (LIVE): Cafe La Palma, Madrid (with Adapt + Crisopa)

May 1st 21:00 - May 2nd 2:00 Cafe la palma, C/ La Palma 62, Madrid, Spain

May 5th (LIVE): Sala Niu, Barcelona (with Crisopa)

May 5th 21:00 - May 6th 0:00 Sala Niu, C/ almogavers, 208, Spain

May 6th (LIVE): Valencia (with Crisopa)

20:00 - 21:30 / Centre de Cultura Contemporania Octubre, C/ Sant Ferran, 12

May 7th (LIVE): Espacio Camon, Alicante (with Crisopa)

19:30 - 21:00 / Espacio CAMON Alicante, Avenida Ramon y Cajal, 5, Alicante

May 7th (DJ Set): Sala MOSS, Murcia (with Crisopa)

*All details on facebook * *MUESTRA MIMAA *Link to Adapt *Link to Crisopa *Link to Persona Isla Netlabel

a collection box / 11th March 2011

These are a compilation for contribution for Japanese earthquakes 2011. Please donate to them if you like our music. thanks,

For Nihon

These are a compilation for contribution for Japanese earthquakes 2011. Please donate to them if you like our music. thanks,

sonarsound tokyo

02 April 2011

LIVE @ ageHa/studio coast (Tokyo, JP)
@ Island Area
Masato TSUTSUI (Live visual) x Ametsub (sound support)

Shows archive (especially)

01 Oct 2011 @ Tamagawa Camp Village w/ Moskitoo, Chihei Hatakeyama, Fourcolor
25 Sep 2011 @ Metro night cruising 5th Anniv. w/ Polar M, Rimacona, Intext, Tatsuya
09 Sep 2011 @ WWW w/ Kotoringo, Agraph, DeDeMouse, Tamaki-roy
28 Aug 2011 @ UNIT w/ INO hidefumi no.9 etc
27 Aug 2011 @ Nii-shima wax w/ Sabi, secai, Dj auto etc
13 Aug 2011 @ Air w/ Goth-Trad etc
06 Aug 2011 @ SuperDeluxe w/ Jemapur etc
17 Apr 2011 @ nu-things night cruising osaka w/ SJQ, Polar M, Junya Tokuda, Tatsuya
SonarSound Tokyo 2011
2010-2011 UNIT CountDown Party
Raster-Noton after party w/Carsten Nicolai, Byetone
KTL (Stephen O'Malley from sunn o))) + PITA from Editions MEGO)
Oval Japan w/ Oval
Zettai-Mu w/ Tha Blue Herb, DJ Kentaro, Oki Dub Ainu Band, O.N.O
TaicoClub presents So Very Show w/ Krush, Jel(Anticon.), Quietstorm
TowerRecord Shinjuku Instore w/ I am Robot and Proud
2009-2010 CountDown Party w/ Mixmaster Morris, Daniel Wang, DJ Krush, DJ Baku
Nikakoi aka Erast Japan Tour
De La Fantasia Festival w/Yukihiro Takahashi, Cornerius, Cyclo.-ryoji ikeda+carsten nicolai-
Ametsub x mito from Clammbon Long Session
Summer Sonic Festival 2009
Sense Of Wonder 2008 and 2007
Nagisa Music Festival 2007
SonarSound Tokyo 2006

Clammbon - Re-雨 (Ametsub Remix)

You will be able to download the Ametsub Remix of Clammbon! From 28th April, only digital download on iTunes store.
"Re-雨" is an original track from "Re-clammbon2" by Clammbon. check it from the following links.
Japanese Manner e.p

Ametsub - Solitude